Harvest 2016 is Complete

A heartfelt thank you to all our friends, families, neighbors, and community members that helped pick grapes this year. Each year is a journey of emotion and hard work.  From the pruning that starts January 1st and ends by the middle of May, to the mowing, weeding, spraying, tying up, suckering, praying for no late freezes, hoping for some rain but not too much or rain at the wrong time, please please no green June bugs, and for the love of wine keep the birds away, we had an amazing harvest resulting in several thousand pounds of grapes that are going to make delicious bottles of wine and we can’t wait to share that wine with each of you.

Where’s the Beef

The date is set for freezer camp.  We have 2 steer available for purchase in 1/4, 1/2 or whole sides of beef.  This is your chance to buy local raised beef from a family farm.  They are grass fed Angus with 3 months of finishing to make sure they will be super tender and have some marbling.  The approximate date for pickup/delivery is the second week of December 2016. Contact me for details.  Redbudfarm@gmail.com or 405-426-7070.