It’s Time to Talk Turkey

Happy Fall Everyone.

Fall is a happening time on the Farm.  Turkeys, Eggs, Beef, and Wine.

Now is the time to reserve your pasture raised Thanksgiving Turkey.  Nothing says I love you to your family and friends more than serving an amazing local, farm fresh turkey during the holidays. Price is $4.95 pound.  They will go quickly so either return the attached form or send a text, a Facebook message, or an email with the size range you want.  Delivery/pickup will be from mid October until the weekend before Thanksgiving.  We will let you know when your bird is ready.

Our girls have been very busy and productive so we have lots of Fresh Eggs.  Get them while you can because you never know when those stubborn hens will decide they are going on break.

We have 2 Beef steers headed to processing in early December.  We have 1/4, 1/2 and whole sides of beef available for $4.50 pound.  Contact us for more information.

This is the time of year when we are putting the vines to bed for the winter, planting fall gardens, and catching up on tons of farm projects.  Normally we have a long “to do” list but lately it seems like we have a to do notebook.  However, we are never too busy to sit down and share a glass of homemade Wine so stop by to sip and sit for a bit……..

Thank you for buying local and supporting our family farm.