A Cold Day on the Farm

The day started with repairing a busted water line in the vineyard, trudging through woods, briar patches, and snow for over an hour with a windchill of 3 degrees finding missing cows and repairing fence lines.  It ended by finishing chores with a wind chill temperature of 1 degree.  Survival kit:  glass of wine, fire place, hot bath, wonderful and loving family and friends.  The insanity of it is we are prepared to repeat the whole process again tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day……….Love farm life.


Yes, I cooked for Worms

Last night Terry can home, looked around the kitchen and asked “what are you making for dinner”? You can only imagine the look on his face when I told him I was cooking for our new mealworms.  Yes, I Cooked for Worms.  That is a first even for me.  In an effort to raise healthier chicken to eat and sell I started raising mealworms and am also sprouting and raising my own fodder.  I will post pictures of the new fodder system this weekend.ImageImage

Fair Weather Farming – Not These Last Few Days

These last couple days when the weather is challenging are the times when farming and raising animals makes you question your sanity.  Busting water with sledge hammers, carrying out fresh water to turkeys every couple hours, patting the ice off the cows that won’t go inside, putting out hay and feed, repairing busted pipes in the vineyard, clearing falling limbs off fences, and planning the harvest for 35 turkeys in below freezing temperatures.  The answer for us here at Redbud Farm and Vineyard is still and will always be “yes, we love farming and growing healthy farm fresh food and always will”.

I’ve had a couple last minute cancellations on turkeys so if you want a fresh turkey available for pick up on Tuesday evening or Wednesday let me know.  They will go quickly.  Contact us to plan your 2014 meat purchases so we grow food to meet your needs.Image

Susan 1, Pigs 0

Last year Terry and I spent several frustrating hours trying to load our pigs in the trailer to take to the butcher.  Today I was able to get those girls in the trailer by myself in under 30 minutes.  Thanks to Art Stoup for the use of his loading ramp and for supporting Redbud Farm and Vineyard with great help and advice.  This farm could not produce healthy food for our family and our customers without my amazing husband Terry and his willingness to go out in the cold and dark to do farm chores.

It is time now to think about the food you will put on your family’s table in 2014.  We have started our 2014 Thanksgiving Turkey list so if you want a hand raised pasture turkey fresh from the farm for your Thanksgiving dinner get on the list now.  We are in the process of planning layers for eggs, broiler chickens, turkeys, pork, beef, and produce for 2014.  Contact us so we grow food to meet the needs of your family.  We are also looking at farm poultry harvest days for 2014.  If you are interested in growing your own chicken or turkey and want our support to harvest your flocks contact us so we include you in the scheduling and planning.

Thanksgiving Turkeys

We are finalizing our Thanksgiving turkey orders. If you do not receive a private message, email, text, or call from me by the end of today (Sunday Nov. 10th), I do not have you on the list. If you thought you were on the list call or contact me asap. For those purchasing Thanksgiving turkeys please send me back the requested information as quickly as possible to ensure a smooth pickup process. We already have a waiting list for 2013 turkeys and pork and have started our production lists 2014 eggs, chicken, turkey, pork, beef, and produce.

Available in 2014: whole chicken, boneless chicken breast, chicken thigh and leg quarters, 1/2 or whole pigs (fall 2014) 1/4, 1/2, or whole beef (fall 2014), fresh produce. Eggs are always available. Meat is seasonal and the planning for production starts now. We want to grow our farm fresh products to meet your family needs. Contact us to discuss how we can produce farm fresh food for your table.
Fresh Eggs