Fair Weather Farming – Not These Last Few Days

These last couple days when the weather is challenging are the times when farming and raising animals makes you question your sanity.  Busting water with sledge hammers, carrying out fresh water to turkeys every couple hours, patting the ice off the cows that won’t go inside, putting out hay and feed, repairing busted pipes in the vineyard, clearing falling limbs off fences, and planning the harvest for 35 turkeys in below freezing temperatures.  The answer for us here at Redbud Farm and Vineyard is still and will always be “yes, we love farming and growing healthy farm fresh food and always will”.

I’ve had a couple last minute cancellations on turkeys so if you want a fresh turkey available for pick up on Tuesday evening or Wednesday let me know.  They will go quickly.  Contact us to plan your 2014 meat purchases so we grow food to meet your needs.Image


We are just now beginning to see a few grapes go through verasion.  This year we are running 3-4 weeks behind previous years.  When verasion takes place the sugar content in the grapes is rising and the acid levels are dropping.  The most common way to know we are entering verasion is that the grapes begin to turn colors.  Reds begin taking on their beautiful dark color and white grapes begin turning a golden color.  As soon as all the grapes have turned colors we will start checking the brix (sugar content) trying to determine when they are ready before we begin thinking about harvest dates.  Look for harvest dates in August and plan to bring out the whole family to pick grapes. It is a super fun way to spend the morning.